Coletâneas(co), semi-coletâneas(sc), remixes(rx), edições especiais(ee) e trilhas sonoras(ts)

1975. The Best Of Michael Jackson (co)

1978. The Wiz: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (ts)
1981. One Day In Your Life (co)

1982. E.T. the Extra Terrestrial (ts)
1984. Farewell My Summer Love (co)

1986. Anthology (co)

1995. The Best Of Michael Jackson (Anthology Serie) (co)

1997. Blood On The Dance Floor: HIStory In The Mix (rx)
2001. Off The Wall - Special Edition (ee)

2001. Thriller - Special Edition (ee)

2001. Bad - Special Edition (ee)

2001. Dangerous - Special Edition (ee)

2001. Greatest Hits: HIStory, Volume I (co)

2003. Number Ones (sc)

2004. The Ultimate Collection (sc)

2005. The Essential (co)

2006. Visiønary: The Video Singles (ee)

2008. Thriller 25th (ee)

2008. King Of Pop | Brazilian Collection (co)

2008. Gold (Anthology Serie) (co)

2009. The Collection (co)
2009. The Stripped Mixes (co)

2009. The Definitive Collection (co)

2009. Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection (co)

2009. The Remix Suite (rx)

2009. This Is It (ts)

2011. Immortal (rx)

2012. Icon (co)

2012. Bad 25 (ee)